НПП "Медицинские Системы"

8 (3842) 74-45-43, 39-45-43

Special features:
• Fully configured monitor includes ECG (3 or 5 lead), respiration, temperature
and impedance respiration, SpO2, NIBP and EtCO2

• Pulse oximetry choices including Masimo SET® and Nellcor® OxiMax®

• CASMED’s proprietary Motion Artifact Extraction (MAXNIBP®) technology for
fast, accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements

• Oridion Microstream® EtCO2 option for intubated and non-intubated patients

• Wireless (infrared) printer option

• User removable NiMH battery pack, internal power supply and DC power

• Up to three waveforms
• Grouped numerics
• Trend and alarm history

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